Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter/Passover/Spring! From Bikram Retreat!

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"Since estrogen-based creams are available only through a prescription, many skincare companies have looked to alternative ingredients, known as phytoestrogens, that act in a similar way to how estrogen does. The superconcentrated Apriori Beauty Precision Skin Rejuvenator addresses hormonal imbalances that come along with mature skin, reducing inflammation and working to rejuvenate the skin."

All nontoxic!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

You watch what you put in your body, what about what you put on your body?

I know, I am continuously reminding you, you are what you eat... Well that is true! And what you eat so affects you. But don't forget what you put on your body is equally important - your skin being the largest organ in your body! Stop! Look at the products in your house, look at the labels and how crazy the ingredient label?! Do some Spring cleaning!!! I did and now my house is fully stocked with the most amazing, all nontoxic, non animal tested, no sles's no sls's, no harsh chemical compound skin and body care! FINALLY I found a product line and a company that I could stand behind. Check it out - sign up free as a CLIENT . Ask me, I will send you free samples. You gotta get off that toxic crap! Like today - trust me, you have no idea what it is doing to you or where it is lodging and festering within your body. Contact me now for help learning more!!!! Lizcotterevents@gmail.c

Friday, March 29, 2013

Start your day like a superhero

The most amazing multi-vitamin that hits you right at the cellular level! Lifeoxylin - a supercharged elixir. 2T = the same amount of phytonutrients /antioxidants you would receive from 6 servings of ORGANIC fruits and veggies.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Coco Lemon Custard OMG here's the recipe ;)

3/4 oz Irish moss ( hydrated & rinsed)
1/4 c water
2/3 c coconut water

* Blend Irish miss until completely broken down - should be a thin paste. A high speed blender/vita mix is vital here.

* Then add:

1 c coconut water
1/4 c young Thai coconut meat
1/2 c soaked cashews
5 T agave syrup
1/2 T vanilla flavor (no aolcohol)
1T lemon juice
1/8 t sea salt

* Blend

1T non GMO Lecithin
1/2c coco butter!

Blend again, Chill, Enjoy!!! Garnish or layer with any kind of berries you have in the fridge.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Apriori Beauty's systemic approach to beauty begins from the inside out with Lifeoxylin®, the life-oxygen link for protection and prevention on an internal cellular level via the Cellular Defense Elixir.
The NutrientReservoir™ delivers and wraps each cell with ingredients that nourish and protect from the inside out with Lifeoxylin. MORE INFO:

This all-natural dietary supplement is the perfect weight loss buddy. Five complexes and 18 key ingredients help to suppress appetite, burn fat, stimulate metabolism, support digestion, support urinary tract health, detox fluids, and energize cells for accelerated weight loss.*MORE INFO:
BluePrint spotted in Mini Magazine! Read the full article for tips on how and why you should cleanse, pg 34-35 — with Tina DellaMonica

Sunday, March 17, 2013


You wouldn't put toxic chemicals IN your body, why would you put toxic chemicals ON your body? You wouldn't and that is why I AM SO EXCITED to share with you the most amazing, non toxic, organic, ph balanced, non animal tested, synthetic dye & fragrance free beauty line that works from the inside out and the outside in. -
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I love it and so will you - questions? just ask I am more than happy to help you:
30-Day Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage Set
Enjoy 30-day use sizes of the complete Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage™ system for face in a convenient boxed set. It's perfect for wrinkle free travel (each are TSA approved for carry-on baggage). This 6 product, 5-step system set for face includes:

Step 1. Crème Cleanse, 2.0 fl oz | 60 mL
Step 2. Activating Tonic, 1.6 fl oz | 50 mL
Step 3. Firming Complex, .50 fl oz | 15 mL
Step 4. Eye+Lip Age Eraser, .35 oz | 10 g
Step 5. Day Defense Plus, 1.0 fl oz | 30 mL
Step 5. Night Repair 3Deep, 1.0 oz | 30 g

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Thursday, March 7, 2013