Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Have you ever started something...and

Then asked yourself ..what the hell took me so long to start this?!!
Yep, that's meditation. I fought it, talked down to it, discounted it -- I was like .. Only 'hippies do it' lol!!! -
That was SO not for me. I didn't have time for that ... Right?!! RIGHT! Til I started it and o realized by 'taking time' for it I actually was able to 'CREATE' time. Crazy crazy... And better yet... I didn't even have to know how to do it to sit down and try..
Does this sound like you? Well it was me and I would love to help you.. Join us this Spring in Hawaii ... I can not wait to share with you how easy it is how simple it can be, how life changing you will see. Combined with the Pacific Ocean out our front door, the best Bikram Yoga downstairs, the most unbelieveable living foods in the kitchen, a spectacular team of local healers we are headed to Maui in April and want you to be part of our already awesome crew. Come to relax, sleep, basque in the sun, have a green juice and a glass of wine too... Whatever works for you!!! But I promise you you'll leave fully recharged with a bag of new tools too.! Meditation is just ONE of the fun things we will offer you.
Book your space today. Call me and I will walk you through: lizcotterevents@gmail.com 802-282-9880!
YEAH! We're going to MAUI!
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Love to all our veterans!

Please treat yourself after taking care of all of us! 10% discount on all 2016 escapes - Just let us know upon booking you are active or retired military!