Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Michelle Obama coming on Retreat???

Well, she's thinking about it now that her new favorite workout is BIKRAM YOGA!!!!! and you should think about it too! Rest, relaxation, healthy food ( you don't have to make yourself) fresh juice, bikram yoga, posture seminars, hikes through the rain forest, to exotic waterfalls....need I go on? book your flight & reserve your space today - OR MICHELLE MAY JUST BEAT YOU TO IT!

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  1. Michelle Obama has a big smile in that picture. I'm pretty sure that she likes what she's doing right there. Bikram Yoga is ideal for a person who wants to revitalize and detoxify. I heard that this type of yoga is the most popular form of hot yoga. And the process is done in a heated room that absolutely allows one body to sweat thoroughly. I'll definitely try and learn this practice on my next yoga session.
    Chick Boardman