Dear Liz ,
While belated, I could not allow the entire Summer to pass without properly thanking and commending you two on a spectacular retreat this past June. For me it was a dream vacation - between the deep, technical Bikram instruction and practice, to the unbelievable meals ( and desserts! and juice!), to the deep relaxation and camaraderie provided by the location and fellow yogis. It was truly a spectacular - a chance top deepen and improve my practice, relax and kickoff Summer in a healthful way. I as you know, I plan to be back! Thank you again for all you do to make these retreats magical.

Namaste - AD​


"Thanks to YOU for sharing your knowledge and experience! Every retreat I learn something more about the practice and myself. Don't know how I managed all this time without it but I know I can't imagine my life without these retreats. Simply superb."

 Hi Liz

I want to thank you for the wonderful retreat.  I was only there 2  days but I met lots of cool people, the yoga was awesome, the hiking was enjoyable and the food was to die for.  Thank you again for the wonderful retreat, I hope you have another one next year because I will definitely be there.  Did I mention the amee farm was amazing, it is such a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

All my best
Laura Peters

Dear Liz,
I never got the chance to thank you for the amazing experience I had on the retreat in June and I can not thank you both enough for the wonderful job you did on the retreat - it was life changing for me. I am sure that you heard from Natalie that I can not make the September retreat due to a work conflict and I am quite upset about it! Maybe we can set up something private? Let me know, I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,

Thank you for being you. What an amazing retreat. I enjoyed every moment. The yoga, the amazing Lynn Whitlow, the food, and the 'fweeze tag' etc.,  ha ha! I know for certain that Seth and I will be back. I am so happy that you are part of my 'yoga family'. You inspire me more than you will ever know. Thank you for all that you do and share -
-Seth and Rebecca

Liz & Staff,
Thank you for hosting such a wonderful retreat. I had such a wonderful time truly testing and expanding my limits. I am going to start saving my pennies now to go to Puerto Rico! Can't wait!!
Love to you and everyone there back in The Green Mountains!

Thanks so much for organizing a truly wonderful weekend. i feel so calm! wonderful teachers, practitioners, food, accommodations etc etc.
thank you!
-Jacquie mauer

What a great weekend in Pittsfield.  Thank you both so much for everything.  Your classes and clinic were fantastic.  I learned so much I can't wait to start incorporating what I learned into my practice.  It was great to have a few classes back to back and experience what that is like, as I have never done that before. Thank you also for the incredible food.  Definitely a highlight of the weekend for me!  The meditation with Anthony was wonderful and I can’t wait to try a little bit of that in the mornings before my girls. The retreat was exactly what I needed. As I walked through the front door to home, I felt so much more at ease compared to when I left.  With two little ones, your fuse can run a little short sometimes, so I am learning that breaks can be very beneficial.   Anyway, thanks again for all you did and I hope I get to visit the farm and studio again sometime in the future.  


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