Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lemon custard, fresh blueberries, RAW?VEGAN?

Yes!!!!!! A favorite o our Puerto Rican Retreat. Enjoy!

3/4 oz clean Irish moss
1/4c water
2/3c coco water
* in a high speed blender, blend to completely emulsify

*then add to the blender:
1c coco water
1/4c fresh coco water
1/2c soaked cashews
5T agave
1/2T vanilla flavor (no alcohol)
1T lemon juice
Pinch o sea salt

* once creamy add - with the blender still going...
1T liquid Lesithin
1/2c + 1T coconut oil

Best to: refrigerate overnight or at lease 6 hrs. * good for three days refrigerated but So good! I am sure it will not last one day!!!


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