Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Raw taco shells that RAWK!

Ok SO - you saw the pictures earlier this week - here they are again WITH the recipe. Enjoy everyone. I sure am...

These will for sure be part of the June yoga retreat. I have worked up a taco flavor and a few others - caraway and simple herb which are awesome just for lunch on the go! I am listing a 1/2 recipe here which made 10 tortillas for me... a manageable amount in one dehydrator. If you want to go for it - just double or triple what is below. The shells will last for ever if you dry them crispy ( for tostadas!)  - about a week in the fridge if you leave them with a little bend.

1.5 C golden flax seeds
1/2 C raw sunflower seeds
2    C filtered water
1    T minced onion
1    t  minced garlic, chili powder
1/2 t  cumin
1/4 C or little less nama shoyu
1    T  poppy seeds
         sea salt and pepper!

1. Combine flax, sunflower and water - refrigerate 10-12 hrs or until the water has been absorbed

2. place mixture into a food processor - add the remaining ingredients ( except poppy)  and blend for about 5 minutes. Add the poppy last - blend to combine - salt and pepper to taste.

3. using an offset spatual, scoop 1/4 cup of the paste to a teflex sheet and spread into a 4" round.. Dehydrate at 105* for 1 hr or until slightly firm. ( if you are making tostadas - just let them continue to dry). When you are able to peel them from the teflex do -and flip. Let dry a touch longer so that they are pliable but not sticky.

4. To form into taco shell shape, take a teflex sheet and wrap around a rolling pin or cylindrical shape ( paper towel rolls work well). Secure the wrap with a piece of tape or tooth pick that you can stick through the paper towel roll. Dry until crisp! and then enjoy!!

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