Thursday, September 27, 2012

Acid/Alkaline - how do you know what your PH is?

So, we've got our Acid/Alkaline chart, we've gone to the store to pick up all the awesome alkaline foods we can find - now how do we know it is working,  what our PH is to begin with? or do you want proof positive that food can affect your PH - your Acid and Alkalinity of your body?! YEA - me too - and if we want to be as Alkaline as possible give me the tools to check - RIGHT?!. 

Well check out these little gems - 160 OF THEM FOR JUST 12 BUCKS.... You can get them anywhere - even Walmart but for me Amazon is the most convenient. 

Get a pack and stay on track. EAT YOUR LEAFY GREENS!


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