Sunday, September 2, 2012



What you knew:
Packed with antioxidants and other photochemicals, kale supports immunity and cancer prevention

What you didn't know:
It is one of the best dietary sources of Vitamin A & K, both important to bone health.

Try this dressing.
With it you can eat literally pounds of kale without even realizing it.

1/2C    Raw Almond butter
1/8C    Lime juice + to taste
1/4C    Organic Olive Oil (optional: + 1 T roasted peanut oil)
1/4C    Filtered water + to desired consistency
1 1/2T Pressed ginger
1 1/2t  Sea Salt
dash    Nama Shoyu(wheat fr ee)
4         Garlic cloves minced
7         Soaked dates ( reserve soak water to help blend)
           Rooster chili sauce
1/4C    Chopped Cilantro
  1. Using a powerful blender add all liquids, seasonings, garlic, ginger and soaked dates; blend. Slowly add the almond butter and blend to desired consistency using soak & filtered water to thin..
  2. Add cilantro last and pulse to blend
  3. Adjust seasonings, garlic, ginger, lime and chili sauce to taste

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