Friday, August 3, 2012

Eatting seasonally and the living is easy....

OMG the best time of the year is finally here -SUMMER and the crops are on in New England/ the East Coast - namely the Berry Crops! I took a trip down to the Sunshine Berry farm in Rochester (10 miles from home) and here is what I found - THE MIGHTY B! Blueberries... 

Find a u-pick crop near you!




Many argue that eating locally is even better than eating organic. Check out this article  in TIME magazine: Eating Better Than Organic  and we will keep you up to date on what is ripe now - what is local now - and where to get it.

As Michael Pollan suggests " Get out of the supermarket whenever you can! You won't find any high-fructose corn syrup at the farmers market - or better at the farm!".

Today I am getting my berry on - you should too. Check out this great smoothie recipe I like to call THE PURPLE (vegan) COW ;)


Servings 2
(because even if you are alone you will want more!)

  • 1/2C  Almonds, soaked in water overnight

  • (this automatically sprouts your almonds giving you 50% more protein in your shake! and allowing the almonds when made into milk be more easily digestible. Who doesn't love that?!)
  • 1.5    Bananas, frozen if you have time or think ahead
  • 2       Dates, pitted and soaked 
  • 3/4C Blueberries 
  • 2t      Spirulina  (optional)
  • 2T     Rice protein powder (optional)
  • 1T     Chia seeds
  • 3C Water, to preferred consistency

    1. Drain and rinse almonds
    2. Put almonds into a blender and puree with Water. Strain off pulp with a fine mesh bag, strainer or cheese cloth and place 2C raw almond milk back into the blender to start.
    3. Following milk, place ingredients into the blender - If you do not have time or forget to soak the dates - no problem - they will just take longer to blend. You can also sub dates or leave them out completely. I find that the sugar in the bananas is perfect for me! but as you get yourself off of refined sugar you may need the dates to sweeten things - naturally
    4. Pulse until the chunks are broken up. Then blend until smooth - adding reserved almond milk if needed to desired consistency
    5. YUM!

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