Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mind on the thighs ladies ...MIND ON THE THIGHS..

Heard the one about the apple, the pear, and weight-gain patterns? Apples get rotund round the waist; pears gain around the hips and droop. Well.... regardless of your body type - did you know that you can change that with a regular Bikram Yoga practice? Did you know not only can you gain mental clarity, peace of mind, but a rockin body too? YA YOU CAN!... Today we are going to  practice with the mind on the thighs to burn calories and cellulite. We're talkin Rockette legs ladies! SUMMER IS NOT OVER YET :)

Opportunities abound in a Bikram Class to shape up those lookers. In the first breathing pose, pull your thigh muscles up and feel them contract as you warm up. Dimples on the front of the knees, strong, solid - you are rooted.  Maintain the grip as long as possible. 

In the first chair, Awkward, slide the thighs backwards once they parallel the ground. This approaches the proper form of aligning knees above ankles, but it also melts cellulite by bearing more body weight.

The third part of Awkward is a jackpot of thigh-toning. You can feel the burn up into the hip and around toward your butt. The line of force you are exerting is the very line you want to see. Imagine the energy transforming to matter. 

In eagle, sit, sit, sit - like you are going to sit in a super cozy chair... Wrap tightly! Feel that cellulite dissolving off your outer thighs? Yes it is1

In triangle, my favorite and THE MASTER POSE works everything - but I love it for the THIGHS! Make sure you step wide enough, sit down all the way, plant your feet firmly into the ground and feel your inner, outter - the whole thigh firm up, contract it till you feel a cramp - make it  bullet proof for those quick 20 seconds - THIS IS THE BEST! engage the thighs. 

In camel, hug your tailbone with your butt and hips to mobilize the thighs. The longer you hold camel, the more work. Feel your hamstrings toning your quads lengthening. And exit slowly, slowly, slowly.

A benefit of all of these tips is to improve the stability of the posture and better your practice. But today I’m not talking yoga. I’m talking calories, vanity, and coconut-cracking quads but BONUS the benefits of the yoga come right along with that! 

ENJOY...whatever gets you into class is great - but just get to class. Today for me it was MIND IN THE THIGHS... 

The only bad class you will ever have, is the one you don't show up for. BIKRAM YOGA is for all ages, ability levels, anyone who wants to feel great - AND SO ARE BIKRAM RETREATS! Join us today for one of our upcoming adventures! lizcotterevents@gmail.com for more info! 

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