Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ready for lunch?

Ok - so we've been going heavy on the tomatoes as of late so I thought I would tap into my dear friend's inspiration and share with you a little tomato infused treat you can enjoy with some raw crackers, a salad or simply cut up veggies... we talked raw crackers last week and this morning I just put in 16 trays in preparation for our September retreat. These crackers, a little cashew cheese encrusted with sun dried tomatoes & black olives - pair that with a tomato vinn and a crispy romaine salad you are set for a great afternoon - Read on crouton! and Enjoy!!! We are on the downward slide to the weekend Yea.......

** now you can get all fancy and make this into the log as pictured above. Or you can simply mix the items on the outside of the cheese log into your cashew cheese and enjoy. That is what ususally happens to me because it is just so darn good to begin with I can't wait. Either way you are in for a treat!

Cheese Log:
2 C   cashew cheese
1/2C chopped, drained olive oil-packed sundried tomatoes
1/2C chopped, pitted, kalamata olives
2T     fresh basil
1C     Olive Oil

Cashew Cheese
1.5C   cashews soaked (10-12 hrs)
1/2t    sea salt + to taste
2T       nutritional yeast
1t        garlic pow
1T       onion pow
1T       onion flakes
1T       Lemon juice
1C       filtered water - add slowly to desired consistency

* In a high speed blender or champion juicer process the cashews until smooth adding lemon juice and water slowly. You want the cheese to be thick and may need to work it around with a spatula depending on your equipment. Once processed place cheese in a bowl and stir in the remaining ingredients.Chill. * or stir in log inredients ( minus the olive oil)  and eat immedatly ;)

To make the cheese log - Once chilled and your cheese has set, in a shallow pan, combine the sundried tomatoes, olives and basil. roll the log in the mixture and place the cheese log in the shallow pan. Pour olive oil over the mixture and refrigerate for up to 8 hrs. so it has a chance to firm up prior to slicing.

TOMATO  Vinaigrette
for your salad and cheese log!
~14 grape tomatoes quartered ( varied colors if you can find them in your fridge)
2T pitted and sliced olives
2T Olive oil
2t  Red wine vin
sea salt and pepper to taste!

*combine everything in a bowl and toss to mix. Season to taste with salt and pepper. I like to throw this in my blender for a quick pulse - and of course garnish your cheese and salad (greens of choice but I love this with Romaine!) with more tomatoes!

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